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interview tip: perceptions of weakness

By On August 19, 2014

Every time I do a mock interview with a client, I ask if there is anything they want to practice answering. Even though I have a prepared list of questions on deck,… Read More

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on being “ladylike”

By On August 3, 2014

I’ve never been a fan of the telling women and girls to act like “a lady.” I recall balking at the command to “be a young lady” as a kid, arguing with… Read More

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been gone for a minute…

By On July 14, 2014

…But now I’m back with the remix! Ha. Not quite. I’ll leave the reinventions to Kim and her plastic surgeon. But I have been gone for the figurative meaning of “a minute”… Read More

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scheduled self-care

By On May 5, 2014

Not writing my dissertation has become my favorite part of writing my dissertation. Knowing that it’s there and actively doing something else – something fun not a chore – makes me so… Read More

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naming the D.

By On April 20, 2014

In the Shakespearian classic, Juliet asks Romeo: “What’s in a name?” Her implication, of course, is that a name is just a name. But, while a rose will still smell sweet even if… Read More

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homemade almond butter

By On April 7, 2014

This weekend, I went all ‘Pinterest in real life’ and made almond butter. And it was great. So easy. So inexpensive. I’ll never spend $10 for a jar again. Tip: Crush the almonds,… Read More

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moderation ftw

By On March 31, 2014

Two weeks ago, I decided to lean in. This weekend, I decided to lean out. These two things are related. I label my drafts but date – if I make a significant… Read More

blogging the d

a ration of rationale

By On March 24, 2014

Black women are neither Black men nor White women. Black women are Black and woman, not Black or woman. We are both things at (the same damn time) once. This should be… Read More