wedding post #2: drafting my ‘maids

I have 9 bridesmaids. Nine. Neuve. That’s the extent of my language skills, but I think you get the point. I’m sure you also get that I think this is ridiculous. I blame the fiancé, who “doesn’t like to make cuts” and myself, who doesn’t like asymmetry. (Even though there will be asymmetry in any bridal party shots because of… Read more →


plotting for productivity

My last day of work was May 7th. It was bittersweet… but definitely not a 50/50 split between bitter and sweet. Pretty much the only sweet part was when my team and I had cupcakes in our boss’ office. The rest was bitter because I knew that finding a job in Utah wouldn’t be easy or fast. I also knew… Read more →


some newishness for paperishness

As I wrote on the paperishness Facebook page, I am in the process of moving my products from Etsy to Square and making major changes to the inventory. Since I’ve 1) been on Etsy for over 5 years and 2) haven’t been posting new products lately, I figure this change needs some explanation. So… here. New products have been few… Read more →

the obligatory ring shot.

wedding post #1: whaaaat.

Fiancé and I have been engaged since December 21, 2014 and it’s still hard to believe. Sometimes I look at my ring (pictured above), and I’m like… Really? This is a thing that is happening? Ooookaaay. Neat-o. I’m excited. So excited. Really. 100%. But it’s still weird. I never thought I’d get married. I wasn’t one of those girls who… Read more →

pic 4.21

new ish.

Now that I’m completely finished The D (yay), I have time/energy to use this space for the reasons I purchased it for ~8 years ago. Here is my Top 5 of what I want to write about, in no particular order… 1. My wedding. I’m getting married some time in 2016, so I should probably get on the whole wedding… Read more →


girl powerless

Fiancé and I were recently at Strand (my fave bookstore) to get books for his/our almost-finished-cooking nephew. We make it a point to buy the kids in our lives books for any occasion, and we wanted to get some good ones that his sister hadn’t put on the registry. (We also realized that we would inherit these books when our… Read more →


thanks, brain.

I wanted to title this post “that time at work when an intercultural communications expert assumed I wasn’t educated”, but that was too long. But that did happen. And I was/am still kinda livid. The expert asked us to distill a list of common career values down to the one that is most important. My one was creativity. Took a… Read more →