[SCS] Six Ways ‘Hidden Figures’ Gave Me My Whole Life

This week’s self-care activity was a morning movie date to see Hidden Figures. Spoiler alert: It was amazing. Read on to hear why! [But don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie but plan to. Just come back when you see it. Some details are best seen on screen.]

[SCS Recap] A Rainbow Hat for The Hubs

In this first post of my new series Self-Care Saturday Recap, I crochet my husband a hat. Peeps the pics and stay tuned for more fun!

When you can’t? Don’t.

Anger, hurt, and fear are exhausting. Fight the fight, but take care of yourself, too. Some thoughts on self-care post election 2016.

Why You Should Know Your Personal “Best Practices”

In this post, I revisit an old one about keeping track of accomplishments, no matter how small. Doing this led me to the idea of “best …

Scheduled Self-Care

Not writing my dissertation has become my favorite part of writing my dissertation. Knowing that it’s there and actively doing something else – something fun not a …

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