Job Search Tips

All About Informational Interviewing

Informational interviews are great ways to connect with people while gathering more info on a career path that interests you. In this post, I'll share everything you need to know about this super helpful career exploration strategy.

Your ‘New Year, New Job’ Toolbox

If your new years resolutions involve a new job, this post is for you! In it, I highlight a bevy of resources that I created that will help you fulfill this goal in the new year. Don't need it now? Bookmark it! Who knows what 2017 will bring.

Three [More] Ways to Address Employment Gaps

Since you can't go back in time to address your employment gaps, you need to find ways to work through them so that you can move forward in your career. This post gives you 3 ways to do that (and links to an important fourth from another post)!

Four Things to do When No One is Hiring

If your "new year, new me" includes a new job, the lack of hiring around the holidays can be frustrating. Here are four things you can do to make sure your job search doesn't lose momentum.

[VIDEO] IQ+HTAW, Episode 1: Why should you be hired?

In this first video of my new series, I go over how to respond to the question “Why should you be hired?” The response (and at …

[IWC] Post 9: Wellness Check + Final Thoughts

This is the last post of Interviewing With Confidence: The Series! Throughout the series, we’ve talked about the importance of knowing yourself, why and how to …

[IWC] Post 8: Interacting With Your Interviewers

In the previous post of the Interviewing With Confidence series, we discussed the part of interviewing success that goes beyond answering questions. Your nonverbal communication is …

[IWC] Post 7: Nonverbal Communication and Professional Presentation

Now that you’ve conquered scenario-based behavioral questions and open-ended interview questions, it is time to move on and go over the ways that you communicate without saying …

[IWC] Post 6: 15 Common Interview Questions

In the previous post, we did a deep dive into behavioral-based interview questions. In this (super long) post, we’ll talk about open-ended questions. Just like the …

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