[SCS Recap] A Rainbow Hat for The Hubs

This is the first post in a new series #selfcaresaturday, where I share whatever I did over the weekend that helped me destress from my week/recharge for the next one. I came up with this as a way to keep myself accountable to myself. For most 2016 I let my self care strategies fall away, and I definitely paid the price. My hope is that by sharing my little projects as a regular part of this blog, I 1) keep it up and 2) inspire others to share their self-care.

So let’s get to it!

This past week was probably the least stressful one I’ve had in awhile because it was the holidays and I had the whole week off. (Definitely one of the few perks of working in edu!) I did some blog planning, crashed on the couch, and played with yarn all week. It was glorious, and I want more of it.

One of the yarn projects I completed was to crochet myself a hat. I don’t wear hats on the regular because of my wash-n-go curls/years of hat hair memories from the elementary school years. But for weekend errands and days that I just don’t feel like taking the ‘fro, I crave the head coverage. So I made myself a skullcap out of this multi-colored wool-blend yarn that kinda reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum.

But to make the hat, I had to ball it first so that it didn’t flip and flop all over the place. I low-key love balling yarn. It’s so calming! I would watch YouTube videos of it…

The hubs came home from work, saw the hat, and wanted one. It was funny because I had originally bought the yarn to make him a scarf but he thought it would look “too girlie” for him. But, after seeing how the colors fell, he was all in. Cool beans. Great for self-care Saturday! (PS: This hat is based on a this pattern. There are differences, but I’m giving credit for the inspo.)

The first part was pretty simple. Double crochet a bunch of rows until it fits around his head. There was a marathon of House Hunters on, so I was entertained 2x over!

A few rows in. I used to get concerned about my rows being wavy, but they always straighten out. Unless I mess up…

Half-ish-way done. This would be a dope potholder. Maybe next week!

Done the bulk of it! (Crochet is maaaad stretchy, so it looks small but it definitely fits the hubs’ head quite snugly.)

Now to make this thing an actual hat. Step 1: Fold it, single crochet along the short side. Call it a day.

Aaaand we’ve got a tube! Great for someone with a high top fade.

Step 2 of becoming an actual hat: closing up the top. Sew around and between the top stitches, then pull it shut like a drawstring bag. (It took me like 4 hats to get this right. My first try was hilariously awful, but this one turned out okay.) After that, you just sew the ends of the yarn into the knotty part so that it’s sturdy. I use a huge tapestry needle and have no problems.

Knot it up!

Then, you just flip it right side out and BOOM – the hubs has a rainbow hat!

He was asleep when I finished (and probably wouldn’t have wanted me to post his picture anyway) I modeled it myself.


So that’s that. One self-care Saturday post down, plenty more to come. They won’t always be crochet – or even art projects – but I’m stoked to see where this goes. Hope you are, too!


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