Your ‘New Year, New Job’ Toolbox

As the year comes to a close, you might be wondering how you can make sure that next year is better. Maybe you want to gain a better work/life balance, get a handle on your finances, or get a promotion. In a previous post, I wrote out eight steps for making a career change. It’s a long one, but really digs deep into the steps you’ll need to take if you’re trying to get a brand new start. In this one, I’ll highlight some of the tools I’ve created to facilitate the process of actually getting a new job – in your current field or a new one.

Rock out your resume.

One thing every job search needs is a solid resume! Without one, you won’t even get an interview. Here are some resources that will help you out!

Ready, Set, Resume! (course)
A (Crazy Long) Post About Resume Writing (post + workbook)
Writing Effective Resume Statements (video)

Next Level
Addressing Employment Gaps With Your Resume (post)
How to Describe a ‘Dead End’ Job on Your Resume (post)
Five Common Resume Mistakes That Go Beyond Spellcheck (post)
How to Personalize Your Resume (post)

The first two resources present a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of situation, since the only difference among them is the delivery. If you’re on Skillshare (the platform where I teach), I highly recommend doing the course option since it’s the only one that comes with my feedback. (Unless you’re a website subscriber, which you totally should be!) If you’re not on there but are interested in joining up, the link gives you three months membership on the site for just $1!

All of these resources give you the ins and outs of resume construction, content, and tailoring. If you don’t have a resume, you’ll easily be able to make one that is worthy of an application with the resources in the Basics section. If you already have a resume, the Next Level resources will help you take it to, well, the next level.

Write an effective cover letter.

If I learned anything from working in the career space these past few years, it’s that no one likes to write cover letters! They’re weird and clunky and take up a ton of time. Unfortunately, they’re also critical to your job search. If you’re one of these people who gets anxiety at the idea of writing a cover letter (aka: normal), these tools will get you over the hump.

Crush Your Cover Letter (course)
The Cover Letter Writer’s Guide (post + workbook)
Three Cover Letter Pet Peeves (Plus One Thing You Should Never Do!) (post)
Three (More) Cover Letter Pet Peeves… and One Tip to Make Writing Easier (post)

If you don’t feel like reading three longish posts, then the course is definitely the way to go. (Yep, the same Skillshare deal applies here.) I distilled the posts into a svelte 22 minute series of lessons that will teach you how to approach the writing process the right way. I go through the what, why, and how of cover letter creation and tailoring to ensure that yours is exactly what it needs to be.

Interview like a boss.

Once your newly awesome resume and cover letter impress your future employer, you’ll have to wow them in person with an amazing interview performance. Did you just butterflies in your stomach? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Key Resources
Interviewing With Confidence (workbook)
Interviewing With Confidence: The Series (posts + worksheet bundle)

…And More!
Illegal Interview Topics: Cautions and Considerations (post)
How to Talk About Your Side Hustle in a Job Interview (post)
Interview Tip: Perceptions of Weakness (post)

(As you can see, I love writing about interviewing!)

The Interviewing With Confidence workbook and blog series are similar, but not the same. In the book, I add some of the information about illegal topics and clarify some of the content from the series. Also, it’s a physical book. So if you’re one of those people who prefers handwriting over typing, this is the best option for you. (Note: There are a few more interviewing posts on the site, but their content is covered in IWC.)

I hope these tools will help your new year, new job goals become a reality! Think I’m missing something major? Let me know in the comments!


Dr. Lindsay is career development & academic success coach who loves helping people figure out and proceed to the next levels of their lives.